Caroline Lidz - Photography and Graphic Design  

Artist Statement

As an artist, I focus strongly on design and art in many different contexts and media. I also believe that art is about communication and making connections between people. But to me, most of all, art is fun. By approaching creation with enthusiasm, humor, and curiosity I have developed a passion for digital media.

My design work has a focus on communication and attention to detail. When creating a logo, for example, I will consider how it will appear in different contexts such as web delivery, printing, and large-scale banner ads. This is essential to create a design that will not only look good in various contexts but also be adaptable to each. In addition, my design work also places a heavy emphasis on typography, a topic I have recently grown passion about. 

My graphic artwork emphasizes composition and light as well as the relationship between positive and negative space. Digital art has the potential to be used in an amazing number of applications. That is not to say that traditional art is outdated and useless. Quite the contrary, my digital art and design is only possible from a strong foundation in photography. 

Most recently, I have been exploring my love of photography and my strong curiosity for typography by keeping a “fontdiary” on Instagram. I use social media as a platform to share my fascination with font as well evaluate the role of type in my life. By actively exploring my environment in search of interesting lettering and documenting my process, I have established a community of like minded “font-nerds.”

My edited photographs are a far cry from the original image that comes out of the camera. I add texture to them to give a feeling of grime and age, thus giving the photographs a timeless feeling. I often play with the tones so that the subject is highlighted and the scenery falls away in to slight desaturation and abandonment. 

When I begin a project, I step away from the computer and complete research on the subject, often times taking dozens of photograph in hopes of contextualizing the concept in my reality. 

Throughout my years as an art student, I have gathered inspiration from print ads, mentors, professional photographers, and classmates. I have been building a digital collection from what I find valuable for inspiration. The works of artist Jim Dine, designers Malaika Fauvre and Saul Bass, and photographers Aaron Huey and Rodney Smith are great examples. They motivate me to challenge myself everyday, as an artist, photogrpaher, and designer. I aim for the clear, to the point, and finished look of their work.

 © 2019  by  Caroline Lidz